Those That Cant Do Teach

I am Ready for my greatest Battle. Defeat Pete

Excuse the shitty landing page. Back when I built this page I had to youtube everything step by step. Now I have an army of people who can do things for me that I have no fucking clue how to get done. That being said I just learned that my son Pete has gone to the dark side. My child has become my arch nemesis and I needed to quickly throw this up so that we could Defeat Pete! 

Petes Course is $16,000 and will cover how to make the most bad ass VSL on the planet so mine will be $160.00 and it will be for people who dont even know what a fucking VSL is. 

Am I Joking? 

In some ways I am... Pete is not my arch nemesis he is my child and I taught him everything I know. He is my shining star and is INFUCKINGCREDIBLE at what he does but im not going to let him have all the guru fun without me. If your ultra high level then by all means click this link and Join his course. You will not get a better deal, you will not learn VSL's from a better human THIS IS THE LINK TO HIS COURSE CLICK IT IF YOU WANT VSL WEALTH  But if you want to learn from the master who helped Pete become a God then sign up for my course that I put together 5 min ago. I promise it will be worth it, and if you dont like it after our first zoom call than you dont have to get on the second call :-)

Money Back Guarantee is valid for 30 min not 30 days
Here's What You'll Get: Im not Kidding
  • Group Zoom Calls with me (Im really going to do this) And now a FUCKKKKKKKKK TON OF AWESOME PEOPLE
  • One Photo of Heathers Boobs (She's going to kill me) 
  • THIS IS BACK! My personal Email where I will answer 1 of your questions by video reply with the Grandma voice (Can be regular filter if you prefer)
  • My number #1 advice tip to staying Rich (Fuck it you can have that for free, dont buy horses)
  • The beginners guide to Facebook Marketing that I made on Chat GPT (Its actually decent if you have no fucking clue what your doing. Took me a few hours to do on a random Sunday a month or so ago
  • Fuck it I will have a special guest on my first weekly Zoom 
  • I will tell you why the Seat 2C is the best seat on the plane

For Real Not A Joke! 

Im not kidding, I think this is a fun social experiment. If you pay me 1/10th of what Pete is charging I will give you all of the above. Ive never done a group zoom call, ive never personaly answered peoples questions. If I were to put a price on that it would be $160,000 but because I must DEFEAT PETE its $200

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