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Al Goin Haam

I did pretty well for myself but after taking the Jason A Guru course I bought 10 more cars and a house on the water. I do so well that my neighbors think I am a dope man. 

Mark SoRich Cherno

Ive always been rich but thanks to the Jason A guru course I have been able to travel the world via helicopters. Fuck traffic #chopchoppeasants  

JoHnny Fiction

Nothing Changed my life more then taking the Jason A guru course. Before the course I could only afford cars and watches for myself but now I can buy them for my Girlfriend too. #taken
Not even a hurricane will keep my students from sharing the best thing that ever happened to them, ME! 
Do You Want To Learn How To Make Extra Money Without Having To Pay A Guru? 

I have been making fun of Gurus for a long time and am amazed at the amount of responses I get asking for links to my guru course. I am under the impression that its pretty obvious I do not have a course but after so many direct messages I weep for those who continue to ask. I truly do not have time to teach people how to make money and if you ask any of my friends they will tell you I certainly do not have the patience. 

That being said, a few select Gurus have pissed me off recently. I am seriously considering taking the time out of my busy day to steal every last potential customer away from them.  To many Gurus have never done a fucking thing to make money besides put on a course. If I get to 1,000 emails I will put an end to their shit business practices and they can soon go back to the Mc Donalds that they came from. 

If I do this it will be absolutely free. I dont need your money, I am doing well on my own. What I do need is to have the satisfaction of taking money out of these Gurus Pockets. They never deserved to have money in the first fucking place. I can be emailed at

Incredible Testimonials Of Jason A Guru Students
Each One Has A Unique Story But The Same End Result #RICH #InstantMillionaire 
Learn How This 10 Year Old Became An Instant Millionaire By Taking The Jason A Guru Course 
Shocking Truth On How Jason Milkano Went From A Toyota To A Lamborghini Instantly Overnight!
JC went from Racing his Moms MoPed around the block to having an Internationally Run 4 car Race Team That Spends More Per minute than you make per year
In all seriousness I actually would like to help some people rather than just myself and my team for a change. I hate to see people being taken advantage of by guys who have read a few books, watched a few youtubes and now consider themselves experts in the internet marketing field. 

You shouldn't have to give those people your money. If there is truly enough interest I will take the free time I usually spend having fun and dedicate it to sharing with you for free the bullshit people charge for. 
This Is 100% Free
I don't need your money to rent a Lamborghini, I already own one! 
I don't need your money to fly private jets, I already fly them!
My Team Of Happy Students Wearing The I know Jason A Official Guru Graduation T Shirts! 
Look At All My Shit!
If you still dont believe how amazingly qualified I am, just fucking look below! 
I Got Mother Fucking Horses. You know how expensive these fucks are to feed? 
Diamonds, Watches, Cash, Car Keys even a piece of ham that was later thrown at an expensive prostitute. 
Cant be a guru pitch unless I show you some of the cool vacations I get to take.
Last but not least..... ya this is me pretending to work while on a Jet that I actually didn't pay for. 

Let Me Tell You A Little Story About An Amazing 10 Year Old Millionaire! 

Samantha is a 10 year old ecommerce, drop shipping, real estate flipping, internet marketing tycoon who became a millionaire literally overnight. She only works one hour per week, doesn't have to lay a single penny out for inventory and is able to generate a MASSIVE INCOME while putting in MINIMAL EFFORT. This is the true and amazing story of how a 10 year old girl bought and flipped three houses with no money down and bad credit! She then bought 6 more with her profits which generates her a passive income of over 1,000,000 per month! 

 Can you believe it? 10 years old and making millions via all the amazing buzz words you currently see today. ecommerce, Shopify, facebook ads, drop shipping, passive income, house flipping, internet marketing! I know exactly what your saying, not possible! I'm sorry to say your wrong it is possible and I'd like to tell you a story about how she did it. Would you like to hear it? YES!

First off you have to know she was JUST LIKE YOU! Stuck in a dead end job (4th grade is rough) not knowing how she was going to afford her next meal. Even if she could scrape the money together for lunch the rich kids wouldn't let her sit with them. The feeling of depression was clamping down on her to the point where it was hard to breath. It felt like an elephant was standing on her chest. Then one day all her prayers were answered. She saw an amazing guru course on facebook and read through the page designed to trap you into paying large fees for things easily obtained on google for free. There were questions like are you sick of being poor? Are you tired of having a boss? Do you want to be a millionaire? This 10 year old said YES to all of these things but in the back of her mind she knew that eventually there would be a BUY NOW button. A button she couldn't possibly afford to press. She scrolled further down the page answering yes to all these questions, picturing her life differently. Imagining that new bicycle, the ultimate Barbie play set and even a mansion to put all her new toys in! Wow this feels amazing she thought, maybe this is the course for me. I have to figure out a way to afford it. Maybe this is worth all the money I've been trying to save for my future, maybe I should just spend it all on this course. God this sounds so good but I'm a smart girl she thought. This must be a scam like all the others but I can't stop picturing my amazing future as I keep scrolling looking for that buy now button! I believe this page, God has answered my prayers. I'm going to be rich, but how much will this cost me?

Finally here it is, the button I've been dreading. I'm shocked, said the 10 year old FREE. No way it can't be free what's the catch? Who's Jason A? Omg I've heard of him, he's the guru killa! I've heard about his course but never once thought it was real. I always thought it was a joke. Could this possibly be? Let me enter my email to find out! 24 hours after entering her email we can circle back to the very first paragraph in this message. This 10 year old instantly became a internet marketing, real estate flipping, drop shipping, passive income making mogul millionaire!

Do you want to follow in the footsteps of this 10 year old? I bet you do so give me your fucking email!
Do You Have Two Gold Rolex Watches & A Stack Of Cash?
Samantha Does!

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